Sharks in the Mediterranean

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Did you know that there are 47 shark species in the Mediterranean? Maybe you didn’t know, but they are there even though it might appear as a well hidden secret. 

For healthy oceans, sharks are mandatory but their numbers decrease fast mostly due to massive fishing of sharks. Every year on a special week the sharks are highlighted by the Ocean conservation organization Project Aware. Last week was Shark week with program all over the world for recognizing sharks. But we don’t think that awareness should stop after shark week so today we want to remind of all these amazing animals in the sea. We need to know they are there, we need to understand why we need them there and we have to protect them.

In the mediterranean you can find 47 species, but not all have actually been spotted by human eyes. And they often stay away from coastline. The sea life is still rich in the sea so they have a lot to eat, far away from coast lines and thats the main reason you don’t spot them. But look closely on boat trips around the Mediterranean, One day you might see a shark.

Some of the species in the sea are Great white shark, Great hammerhead shark, Sandtiger shark and Blue shark.

Actually, the first time (that we know of) that a white shark was filmed in the Mediterranean was 1998. Spotted and recorder by sport fishing boat outside Italian Adriatic seacoast.

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