With Oceans Pro you get:

  • Integrity, honesty, responsiveness and value for money.
  • Experienced dive professionals that will minimise risk and liability and get the job done properly.
  • Your guests taken to the best dive sites in a given geographical area appropriate to their certification levels and expertise.
  • Proper procedures implemented from the beginning of client interest to optimise the customer experience.
  • If desired we can provide bespoke crew training and consultancy to establish a PADI Dive Centre on board a specific vessel.
  • Sales and training in the use of Ocean Reef Integrated Diving Masks to give a full deck to below surface communications capability.  This can be extremely useful in the case of hull inspections, fouled anchors and propeller entanglement.
  • An independent specialist that has no agenda or political investment in the owner/management agency/captain triangle.  We will always provide the best advice possible.