We are sales agents for this excellent range of products.  Our Instructor team are also qualified to train for the safe and correct use of these products.

We will advise you on the right choice of product from the Ocean Reef product range and train you in both use of the Integrated Diving Masks and also the use of Communications.

Ocean Reef Integrated Diving Masks have multiple benefits compared with a standard mask and regulator configuration:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Communications
  • Warmth
  • Vision
  • Adaptability
  • Protection
  • Relaxation
  • Associated training


The Underwater Communication Units are both wireless and hardwired.  They allow for underwater communication between multiple divers and communication between a diver and the foredeck.  The wireless units are based on ultrasound technology with 30 hours of autonomy and an operating range of 200-250 metres in calm sea water.

The applications for Communications with this product in the Yacht Industry are obvious and important in terms of recovering fouled anchors, hull inspections, and from a safety point of view for teaching and guiding clients.