The realities of the Yachting Industry mean that if you want the safest and best possible Instructor or Guide (with strong local knowledge) you’re more than likely going to have to hire someone in as a freelancer on a case by case basis.

With our international network and industry knowledge we’ll take the guess work out of this for you and ensure you get the right individual.  The end objective is that the Guide/Instructor has the following qualities:

  • Strong local knowledge and associated support network from local dive centres.
  • Experience and a very safe pair of hands.
  • The right profile, personality and attitude.
  • An understanding of the protocols and etiquette required in the Yachting Industry.
  • The ability to diplomatically manage clients who are unknowingly putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

The end goal is of course a reduction of risks and liability and an increase in client satisfaction.

Hand in hand with this we can provide advice and planning for diving itineraries.  This includes appropriate dive site choices in various zones, plus details of any permits or national park permissions required, and a strong insight into local dive laws and regulations.