Oceans Pro in August issue of Dockwalk

In the August issue of Dockwalk you can read about us. You find the article here.

As the high season is coming to an end the opportunities for individual crew training and crew safety training increase. We are ready to support you in the process of making your superyacht ready for scuba diving in the next season.




Sharks in the Mediterranean

Picture from www.projectaware.org

Did you know that there are 47 shark species in the Mediterranean? Maybe you didn’t know, but they are there even though it might appear as a well hidden secret. 

For healthy oceans, sharks are mandatory but their numbers decrease fast mostly due to massive fishing of sharks. Every year on a special week the sharks are highlighted by the Ocean conservation organization Project Aware. Last week was Shark week with program all over the world for recognizing sharks. But we don’t think that awareness should stop after shark week so today we want to remind of all these amazing animals in the sea. We need to know they are there, we need to understand why we need them there and we have to protect them.

In the mediterranean you can find 47 species, but not all have actually been spotted by human eyes. And they often stay away from coastline. The sea life is still rich in the sea so they have a lot to eat, far away from coast lines and thats the main reason you don’t spot them. But look closely on boat trips around the Mediterranean, One day you might see a shark.

Some of the species in the sea are Great white shark, Great hammerhead shark, Sandtiger shark and Blue shark.

Actually, the first time (that we know of) that a white shark was filmed in the Mediterranean was 1998. Spotted and recorder by sport fishing boat outside Italian Adriatic seacoast.

Some links if you want to read more about sharks in the Mediterraenan:




We are in business

We are in business. If you want to go diving from your superyacht, if you have clients who want to go scuba diving, or if you wish to train your crew or get safety consultancy/equipment advice. If you need anything else concerning leisure scuba diving from superyachts – You are welcome to contact us with your inquiries.
 Pic by amazing photographer @fabricedrevon

New scuba diving company dedicated to the Super Yacht Industry


Golfe Juan, June 16 2017

New scuba diving company dedicated to the Super Yacht Industry

Oceans Pro Global Super Yacht Scuba is a new company that will bring high quality recreational scuba diving services to the Super Yacht Industry. The main goal is to raise the level of safety and quality to the Industry creating greater possibilities for scuba diving from super yachts.

– There are so many super yachts out there with unused capacity for scuba diving. The reasons are many –safety concerns, lack of knowledge about scuba diving and of course, a matter of time in the high season. With our knowledge of both the scuba and SuperYacht Industry we can provide recreational diving for owners, guests and train SuperYacht crews; says Alex Diamond founder of Oceans Pro.

The new company is founded by one of the owners of Diamond Diving, PADI Course Director Alex Diamond and Swedish Dive Master, business advisor and former Head of Mayors office in Stockholm Helena Widegren.

– We know that there is a big interest in scuba diving – both among yacht owners and among guests on charter yachts. But we also know that it takes a certain level of quality, safety and integrity to provide diving in such a special environment. By bringing Alex’s 15 years of expertise in diving together with my business and political skills we have created a perfect mix of knowledge for this, says Helena Widegren founder of Oceans Pro.

Oceans Pro will provide a full range of Scuba services for the Super Yacht Industry, including consultancy and crew training, dive guides, education, equipment services and full mask scuba diving with integrated communications systems. www.oceanspro.net/services

– We’re very happy to be working with Ocean Reef on this project. The applications for using underwater communications as a safety improvement for recreational diving from SuperYachts are huge. There are also significant practical advantages for situations such as items lost overboard, fouled anchors and hull inspections, says Alex Diamond.

– We want to create an environment for Super-Yachts where scuba diving comes easily both through consultancy and actual diving. For all our customers we will create a unique cooperation based on understanding and answering their needs says Alex Diamond.

– This summer we are mainly focusing on the Mediterranean with our home base in Golfe Juan, France. The long term goal is to create a network with some of the best PADI Instructors around the world, always having the best people to offer our clients in the Super Yacht Industry, says Helena Widegren.

For more info please contact

Alex Diamond
+ 33 (0) 615 30 52 23

Helena Widegren
+46 (0) 73 336 999 96

Support oceans protection

 We support Project Aware in their work to protect our oceans. Also, what we do and how we treat the oceans everyday make an impact on the future for the seas. We ask you to join. Your support can empower people across the globe to take action for ocean protection. See the impact in Project Aware Annual Report 2016 #AnnualReport


Co-founder of Oceans Pro to speak at PYA Crew workshop

Alex, partner and co-founder of Oceans Pro is to speak about scuba safety for Superyacht crew on PYA Crew workshop on Saturday April 8.

Scuba diving is a rare and beautiful activity that connects people with nature and completely emerges them in another world. It is also an extremely powerful way to engage people with the importance of preserving and respecting the seas and oceans of the world.There are certainly challenges and risks involved in organising diving for Superyachts but with proper training, planning and procedures these can be minimised; leaving you to be able to deliver literally life changing experiences to your guests!

Topics on seminar:

  • Safe scuba equipment storage and maintenance
  • Emergency Assistance Plans for diving
  • Extra skills needed for SuperYacht
  • In-house or contracting to external dive centres
  • Managing client expectations and demands
  • Importance of regularly maintaining crew dive and Rescue skills

This event is part of a whole day of workshops for crew taking place on 8th April in Antibes

For more info

Ocean Conservation

 It is an evidence that the world’s oceans are under serious threat from a multitude of menaces.  Overfishing, acidification, plastic and other pollution, erosion of crucial habitats.  The list goes on and on.  For this reason we are in partnership with two leading ocean conservation organisations.  Project Aware and Sea Shepherd.  We will discuss these issues in more detail with clients and encourage our divers to actively participate in the Project Aware Dive Against Debris Programme. We will encourage our clients to donate to both of our partner organisations.  Much needs to be done and the collective wealth and influence within the SuperYacht Industry needs to continue to play a leading role.

After all if the Oceans Die, We Die.